Monday, May 9, 2011

Animations!!! (CLICK ON THE IMAGE)

I also can make animations with Photoshop, though its capabilities are rather basic compared to other gif-specific editors. They're still spiffy though :D (YOU HAVE TO CLICK THE PICTURE SO THAT IT WILL ANIMATE BECAUSE APPARENTLY IT DOESN'T SUPPORT GIFS IN BLOG POSTS :P )

Presently I only have one right available now that is fit to show, so that's essentially what customized name gifs look like. Again, you can request for me to make a spiffy animation with your name/username!

Samples of my commission work

Once upon a time, a long time ago when my main business was on YouTube, some people asked me to make backgrounds for them. So I did. Here are some:

Now that one was somewhat of a fail as I was a bit rushed and lacked ideas...

Here's a better one below.

I still take commissions for edited images (horses or not)...if you'd like one, just contact me by email or on Youtube or something. I'll be uploading more samples and stuff of my work to display a wide variety of graphic styles.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another one of my really old pics

Here's another image that I Photoshopped when I was still experimenting with gradients and looking at all the cool stuff it could do.

My first Photoshopped thing

This was the first actual thing I ever made with Photoshop; it was for my YouTube channel. Haha, I was so proud of myself back then xD