Thursday, July 7, 2011

This face.

I found a new smiley.
It looks like this.
It's a tongue face that's rather happyish instead of the often negatively connotated tongue face like this. :P
Well, the c(: doesn't really look swell with my default blog font (although I do like this font anyway).
c(: c(: c(: c(: c(:
I hope.
I'm going to be using this face very often on all the sites I go on, so get used to it.

More past Youtube backgrounds

As you've probably seen, a lot of the stuff I like to make are backgrounds for my Youtube channel. In the past I've done a lot of horse backgrounds, but that was when I was known more as an equestrian video and graphics editor; now I make a more variety of ones that aren't just horses. :)
Here are some of the horse ones I made.
Oh, and excuse the big ugly watermarks; I had to put them on because somebody a while ago tried to steal my works. Of course, they were gonna cut off the part with my name and use the rest for their own purposes. While I'm very flattered that people want to use my images, I would rather that you request my permission first so that I can remove the watermark and perhaps even give you a higher quality image if possible. c(: