Saturday, April 30, 2011

Piisyummy's best equestrian video :P

So here is one of my equestrian videos on YouTube...I made it a loooong time ago. It was for reaching 100 subscribers, but I really didn't know how exactly I got 100 in the first place xD As you can tell, it's not that awesome, but it's my best. There's only so many things you can do with Windows Movie Maker. :P I've long since stopped making videos, so if you like this video you really don't have to bother subscribing, but perhaps if I reach 200 maybe I'll be inspired to make videos again... x)

About Piisyummy Productions...

You might have already inferred (or read from the last post) that Piisyummy Productions is my self-made non-profit graphic design "business" that really isn't a business, but I just felt like calling it that. Piisyummy Productions started when...
Oh wait, I need to explain what "Piisyummy" is!!
Pi(e) + is + yummy = Piisyummy. There you have it., my little production company started when I started making backgrounds for people on YouTube with Adobe Photoshop CS2. (That, by the way, was also the first public appearance of the word "Piisyummy".) I also made/edited equestrian videos, but I soon got tired of that because Windows Movie Maker isn't cool. When my friends and I didn't really go on YouTube all that much anymore, I took the opportunity to expand Piisyummy Productions to other websites.
Well, that was rather formal. YO YO YO!!!